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Vanishing Act, Part Two: The Lessons Learned

January 10, 2012

As promised, here is what I found in regard to the missing items. had a rather sudden policy change, which kicked out any professional reviews that had been posted under anything other than “Editorial Reviews,” and in particular by any reviewers who were paid to write reviews. It so happened that Midwest Book Review does charge for certain types of reviews, for ebooks, but not for print books. The one they gave me was for a print book, so I was able to repost it, albeit in abbreviated format, under “Editorial Reviews.” That irks me, because it was such a nice review in its entirety.

During this same time, I discovered that a miscommunication caused the files for the Kindle account to go un-uploaded.  That was quickly remedied, and Speeding Tickets is now available there. A similar situation applied to the Nook account.  Unfortunately, that is still problematic, and giving me heartburn.  The file conversion has a recurring glitch that refuses to play well with EPUB format. We’re still trying to figure it out.  When the magic answer becomes manifest, I will share it!

Two painful lessons have been learned from this.  One is that you absolutely must

follow-up on things you delegate, so that miscommunication is prevented or minimized, and you don’t get caught in the switches over it.  The other lesson is that the initial layout and design of a book needs to take digital editions into account from the git-go.  My files for print were wonderful, but lacked something for certain digital formats.  I don’t plan on making that mistake again.

[Photo by Kathy Maxwell. 2010.]

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